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Class Description

All piano classes consist of small groups of 4-6 children that are 45 minutes long and once a week.  In the classes, children enjoy learning in a fun, relaxed classroom atmosphere.  Friendships develop and the joy of sharing music is experienced.  Students are grouped according to age and level.  During class time, each student plays on their own digital piano.

I encourage new students and parents to come to my studio to meet me before the first lesson.  Please contact me if you would like to schedule a time to meet.



All students should attend their classes on a regular basis to assure their progress.  However, if a student must miss class, please notify me in advance if your student will be absent so arrangements can be made to pick up the music assignment.

I cannot give tuition credis or make-up lessons for missed classes.  However, the last lesson of the session I give free as a way to "make up" for missed lessons.


The most important part of any music class is practice!  That's why I strongly advise every student to practice at least 5 days per week between classes.  Students should play each song in the current week's music assignmnet AT LEAST two times during practice time.  Parents should help remind students to practice until it becomes habit.

All students need a keyboard or piano to practice on.  Keyboards are fine for the first year of piano, but it is strongly advised to upgrade to a digital or acoustic piano some time in the second year of piano.  By this time, students need the weight of piano keys to allow their fingers to strengthen properly.  Feel free to consult with me before making a new purchase so I can help you make the best decision.  The main difference between a keyboard and digital piano is that a digital piano has weighted keys with a similar feel to an acoustic piano.